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Update on Juniel and his mama..

Lolo Puti Nov 9, 11 -11:25 AM

Busy days..!

lars Nov 9, 11 -11:12 AM

DonDon's bridge kids kicking more ass!

Lolo Puti Nov 2, 11 -1:35 PM

Chef's uniforms(response to a reader)

lars Oct 30, 11 -11:33 AM

Prices on big screen TV's dropping in Cebu

lars Oct 27, 11 -11:37 AM

Upcoming Pinta Flores Festival in San Carlos

Lolo Puti Oct 26, 11 -3:12 PM

16 year old mother asks for help for Juniel

Lolo Puti Oct 25, 11 -12:06 PM

New restaurant soon to open in Toledo!

lars Oct 24, 11 -2:56 AM

The families under the bridge..

lars Oct 24, 11 -1:01 AM

The contrasts of Cebu City

lars Oct 9, 11 -1:13 AM

Let the thieves get away..

lars Oct 3, 11 -5:00 AM

Online negativity

lars Sep 27, 11 -1:27 AM

Back from the trip and I think..

lars Sep 21, 11 -3:51 PM

Det blir litt forandringer...

Stein Sep 15, 11 -5:08 PM

The people under the bridge - videos!

Articles/Kolbjørn Aune/Fra tiggerunge til supermålvakt.640x480.JPG.image
A lot of people have shown interest in the charity work of Kolbjorn. He has made a beautiful video showing us what happened to the families. I've added English subtitles and put in on Youtube..
TLK - environmental friendly stoves
Kolbjorn, or "Lolo Puti", we presented earlier, is also involved in environmental projects. We'll present their TLK stove, similar to what the poor people use every day. TLK can save a lot of wood, reduce smoke and save money. I have seen the demonstration with my own eyes and it works!
Travel reviews/Negros Eco Tourism Highway/Rice Terraces 2.1150x862.JPG.image
Motorbike trip Toledo-Iloilo
The planned trip to Boracay ended up in Iloilo for various reasons. We had a long but beautiful ride across the scenic eco highway across Negros, so Boracay can wait for another day. Many pics and trip report to follow.
Articles/Kolbjørn Aune/Kranset av GK-barn.640x480.JPG.image
Kolbjorn, the 80 year old bridge builder in San Carlos
Every time you think you've met most people, someone like Kolbjorn appears. 80 years old, but with a will and heart of a lion. When you get these people involved in charity, things happen.
Travel reviews/Toledo/Park Place Toledo sign.1150x862.JPG.image
Check out the side streets!
When you want to explore your neighborhood, you will be amazed to discover what's in the end of the side streets.
River safari above Malubog lake!
Ned and I had decided to drive up to Malubog Lake today, and ended up in a safari with his minivan. We discovered a pretty interesting area, and continued where the road ended!
Transcentral Highway
Usually when I ride this highway/road, it's usually cloudy. Last week I had a trip to Cebu, and experienced wonderful weather and grabbed some pictures.

Our Latest Reviews

We regularly check out and review various establishments in the general Visayas. We let you know the best places to go.
Hotels/Montebello/Kiddie pool.1150x862.JPG.image

Montebello Villa Hotel

Child-friendly hotel with swimming pool and green areas - and still pretty central in Cebu City. Close to Gaisano Country mall, not far from expat hangouts and reasonably priced.
read more ...


Borussia is about 90 minutes north of Cebu. In a picturesque tropical garden, a cozy restaurant is located. Juergen and Chuchi have been specializing for 14 years in German sausages, bread, cakes and pastries, and also deliver twice a week in Cebu.
read more ...

Lagtang Grill

This is the hangout for the peaceful Peace Riders of Cebu, and not an exclusive restaurant you go to impress your girlfriend. It's a great and friendly place to meet expats, and shoot some pool. They have already become famous for their excellent steaks, so they know how to cook over there!
read more ...
Hotels/Alta Cebu Resort/Swimming pool 2.720x540.jpg.image

Alta Cebu Resort

"An artist village in paradise" is their own description, and it suits pretty good. Enjoy a relaxed and laidback tropical atmosphere. If you want to do some activities, the resort can arrange everything for you.
read more ...

Indian Curry House

This is a "whole in the wall"-restaurant recently opened. Nothing fancy about the interiour, but the chef is Indian and he makes food accordingly. Great food, cheap and as spicy as you like it. Drop by an evening for a real taste of India.
read more ...

Mae Krua

Mae Krua is the first restaurant in Cebu to give me the unique taste of Thai food. The owner is half Thai, his chefs are Thai, so no wonder the food taste genuine Thai! Prices are low, staff nice so I recommend you try this one, located at F Ramos, close to Fuente.
read more ...


I've heard a lot of good things about this restaurant before. Canvas has a menu that can cater to everyone, and a lot of tasty combinations. Add fair prices, decent selection of wine, good service and a great location, and you should have a good time here!
read more ...

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