TLK - environmental friendly stoves

The stove to the left is the TLK(Tipid Lolo Kalan), the one to the right is a regular stove who can be purchased anywhere around the Philippines. They look pretty similar, but the TLK has a lot of benefits:

  • It requieres less wood
  • It causes a lot less smoke
  • It saves money
  • It's more robust
  • It can be used with charcoal, wood and also for BBQ.


One might think that most Filipinos use gas, but it's actually not the case. Wood and charcoal is still used widely, especially among poor people. Finding wood is often a common family activity, or you can buy it for about 5 peso for a small pile.

Although some families have their outdoor stove and "dirty kitchen", it's not uncommon to have the stove inside. The old ones cause a lot of smoke, which is not healthy at all. Kolbjorn gave me a presentation when I was visiting last month, and the amount of smoke was significally less. After the demonstration, they poured cold water on the TLK for the 11th time, and it didn't break as a normal stove often will do.

Kolbjorn started in 2009 the City's Norwegian GK Child Project to help 27 people who lived like animals under a bridge to a better life. It succeeded, and donors in Norway still contribute to this continuing project. A clean open cook stove based on rocket stove principles is now developed by the Norwegian GK Child Project. After four weeks consumer tests in 60 families who gave their feed-backs and got prices for that, several improvements were made. This durable clean cook stove with a simple technology and rough design created for native houses can be viewed on YouTube.

The Norwegian GK-Child Project aims to carry out a humanitarian action with 2500 TLK model basic to poor families in San Carlos City. Reports from our their consumer test(I read a lot of them myself)  and other environmental research indicate that this will save the families for a total of 3.6 million pesos per year in reduced firewood, and provide a reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 3000 tons. More than 900 tons of wood saves a lot of trees in the forest. As a “pay back” the families will be stimulated to attend organized reforestation. Health would get major advantages for mothers and young children who suffer hardest by smoke from old cock stove killers. The price is 290 for the basic, but for evertything in the picture below, price is about 650 peso. Kolbjorn gave me one of those when I visited, and Eva's father has confirmed that every word is true.

The Norwegian GK Child Project has no finances to realize the TLK program for San Carlos City even if it will cost only NOK 85,000(633.000 peso). Agreements have been signed with two small family business for production of parts of refractory clay and metal. TLK is already for demonstration and sale a few places outside San Carlos City and people seems to be very interested, but only a few poor people think they can afford to buy, even if the price
is only 6,8 US dollars and can be saved back in 2,5 months. That's a big challenge. A regular stove might cost only 80 peso, and a lot of poor people don't think long term when saving money. Instead of buying something solid that will last, they always tend to buy the cheapest, and replacing them when they're broken.

The planned humanitarian TLK operation in San Carlos City is intended to be implemented over three months with an average daily production of 36 TLK. The plan is to follow up with a demonstration of proper use of this type of cook stove in cooperation with local authorities and organizations. If the Norwegian GK Child Project can manage to realize the San Carlos TLK action it will continue with an annual commercial production of 10,000 TLK if it can be find solutions with carbon credit finance. The Norwegian GK Child Project has regular monthly donors in Norway, and there are accurate records of income and expenses with two donors as critical auditors. The project needs professional help to get going with its good intentions and puts trust in the experience and expertise Development Initiatives Ltd. represents.

Another development is this basket, that can both keep things cold or hot. You can actually just cook rice for 5 minutes, place it inside the box, and it's cooked in 90 minutes. It will save a lot of wood and money, as well as reduced smoke. Later, it can be used to store fresh fish until next morning. Refridgerators are not common among the poor people, so they are not used to store fresh food.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Kolbjorn, either to buy some TLK or help in other ways, send him an e-mail in English or Norwegian to I can guarantee that every contribution will be handled properly. Lolo Puti is not making a centavo on these projects, and the receivers of his charity deserves every help they can get.



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