River safari above Malubog lake!

I was supposed to drop by Ned, who is building a house across the road in Matab-Ang, early this morning but overslept a little. Ned came down, and dragged me out. It's nice to be a man sometimes - we can be out of the house 5 minutes after we decide to!

He drove his minivan down to Caesar's to rent a motorbike from Tony the manager, but (un)fortunutately it was rented out for a week. Well, no worries - we had a nice breakfast and decided to drive Ned's car instead. I parked my bike at Caesar's and off we went. I've been up here before with Per, check this link to read about that trip.




Last time it was pretty cloudy, but this time we had beautiful weather and the lake looked wonderful. Nice and quiet up here, the raft was still there and all the kids in the local school rushed to the windows to look at these foreigners coming all the way up here.

The big man and the lake..! Wishing he brought his fishing gear!

They have a couple of nursery, you could bring back some nice plants or flowers if you like.

This was the first river crossing. We kept driving along the sea until the end, then continued. The road kind of stopped, and we didn't see any vehicles but Ned insisted we kept on going. Not exactly a jeep, but the minivan did its job.

There are plenty of water buffaloes around, and most of them looked kind of curious at us as we passed them. If you want to do the same ride, make sure you avoid the water holes where they lie down.

"Excuse me, is this the road to Ayala?"

Along the rivers we saw a few fishermen or possibly farmers, catching some fish for dinner. He waded along the shore, a couple of bushes in his hand, chasing the fish inside his net.

Ned is an eager fisherman and wanted to have a closer look.

This is a catfish, but he also had some small tilapia and a snake head(fish) in his bag. Ned was excited about that one, he said they can be big and are fun to catch. I guess the fisherman had about a kilo in the bag, and sold them for 80 peso a kilo(at least that's what he told us). Before, I've been told you can get fish up to 5 kilo in the lake, not sure how easy they are to catch.

After a few kilometers, we couldn't get any further and had to return. If he had motorbike, we could go a little further.

So, we had to say goodbye to the river and the lake for now - but will return with some fishing gear next time.

Sometimes it's great getting off the beaten path, we had a great day!





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