Check out the side streets!

I enjoy driving, and yesterday I took a trip south of Toledo, to a place called Tahao. It's not even a town, just a cluster of houses, a petrol station and if you pass through here you would probably never think of taking any of the side streets to check them out.

I also like traveling, and I usually have the idea that I have to get far away to see something special or interesting. So I have probably passed more than 99 % of the side streets so far, during my trips. Of course, taking every side street to the end, you'd never get to your destination. Let's instead start driving without a destination and decide to check out the side streets again.

Yesterday my goal was to find a swimming pool. I had the idea that there were no swimming pools in the area, at least not big enough to do laps. When I was living in Cebu, I used to go swimming 4 times a week at Holiday Spa in Banilad(also in a sidestreet). It helped me stay in shape, I lost quite a few pounds but when we moved to Toledo, I stopped. Since then I've actually gained a little weight again, being a bit lazy.

Tahao, between Toledo and Pinamungahan, is not known as a tourist spot but they do have a lot of beaches where the locals go. The beaches cannot be compared to Boracay, but there is said to be a couple of white beaches. I will go looking for them. There are a number of resorts along the way, usually the same standard - a few beach nipa huts for rent, BBQ, beer and karaoke. I've been to a couple of them, but yesterday I decided to check out some more.

The first one, Tahaui Garden and Spa(spa is not operative yet), has a nice garden and a swimming pool. Price is 100 peso to swim. I was there yesterday, but they were maintaining the pool so I couldn't swim. I continued down the road, checked out Park Place, and noticed this beautiful pool:

Water was clean and cool, they had showers and CR, I had the pool almost by myself and it was big enough to do laps. The view was wonderful. Price, 60 peso. As you see, the weather was excellent yesterday, with one of the rare days without a cloud in the sky. I swam for about one hour, had a shower and went home. Of course, today I have a little surburn!

Another example of taking a side street was when Ned and I had our river safari in the previous article. Starting from now on, I'll begin checking out every side street to the end. You never know what you might discover; a new store, a resort, a swimming pool, a pond where they sell crawfish, a new friend or maybe a girlfriend if you're single!

0715 here now, will have my breakfast and head back for some more swimming. Will check out some more side streets, if not all - maybe one or two new every day!



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