Cebu Zoo

I love animals, and have done as far as I can remember. Being a kid, visiting a zoo was always amusing. This, however, cannot be recommended. I would love to write a nice review, but this does not deserve it. I am not even going to show you a map so you can go there.







There is a promising sign at the entrance. Entrance is 25 peso for adults and 10 for kids I think. Kenny at 15 months didnt pay anything. We were actually supposed to go to Crocolandia, but they were closed due to moarning of their foundator.

At the entrance, we are greeted by some mean looking monkeys, as well as some birds.

These are some kind of eagles.

Apart from monkeys and birds, there are some smaller furred animals here and there in small, rusty cages. Almost all the animals are close to the entrance. Their "jewel" is down in the valley.

To go there, you have to walk hundreds of steps. The park is in bad condition and certainly not if you have problems walking. If you choose to walk the "road", its a long distance with nothing to see except a few cages where they for some reason has placed dogs.  We had a stroller for my son but had to carry it all the time. The stairs are in bad condition, and so is the rest of the zoo.

Finally, you see the main attraction, a poor and depressed tiger, not moving at all. He did not lift an eyebrow once we made our appearance.

This zoo says they love animals. My advice to them is to release the animals, and shoot the ones who are not able to make it in the wildlife to put them out of misery.

Don't go there.


Reader Comments:

theRabbit commented:
Oct 9, 11 -5:16 PM
Bogart the tiger

Poor old "Bogart" is about as tame as a housedog, and is born with a defect in his hips.

I think I can say that he is the *star* of the park, and he has two handlers who dearly love him.

Still - its not exactly a dignified live for him, but in nature he would not last a day. due to his deformity.

If You ever venture into this park, see Bogart and put whatever You can afford in the donations-box by his cage. That assures that he gets fed well.

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