New restaurant soon to open in Toledo!

Eva and Ned's wife Margie, have signed a lease for a restaurant in Toledo City. They tried to find one with a seaview, but it's actually quite hard to find a proper area. So, it's uphill, about 200 meters from the Metro Mall. If coming north, just take left in the Metro intersection and you'll see it almost on the top of the hill.

This is what it looked like before. A little run down, and the color pink. It was a bit of a mess, but clearly with a big potensial. It's 120 sqm inside and an outside area of about 40 sqm.

The workers started cleaning the ceiling, the the painting begun.

This is what it looks like now. Painting is done, and I think it's pretty nice!


Being on the top of the hill, the restaurant can offer a little view. It's in a quiet street with lots of free parking in the street.

Clientele will be both Filipino and international, catering for middle/upper class Filipinos, as well as expats. A lot of the expats in Toledo are Norwegians, so there will probably be a few regular dishes on the menu.

There are still more work to be done, but hopefully it can be open within a couple of weeks. Will post more pictures and provide more information later on!


Reader Comments:

Gus commented:
Oct 30, 11 -5:10 AM

Hi Lars, I stayed a few times at a pink pension house, would that be just at the bottom of the hill you are referring to ?

If so, this would be the place that had a sign out as a Videoke Restaurant,, but never seemed to be open.

I wish you well with it, and will catch up in May next year.

lars commented:
Oct 30, 11 -10:04 AM

Hi Gus, I think you are referring to Zacharias Pension house. It is located about 50 meter uphill from there, probably the same place that was closed before. Welcome in May! Will keep updated and get an own web page soon!

Marty commented:
Nov 3, 11 -12:05 AM

Good luck with the new restaurant!  I will have to make a trip from Mandaue to check it out.  You will have to recommend some good Norwegian dishes for me to try as I am but a poor, ignorant yank when it comes to good Norwegian food! :-)  Seriously,  I'm looking forward to it and best of luck.

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