Prices on big screen TV's dropping in Cebu

The coming restaurant needs a big TV, so today we went to Cebu, looking for a nice TV with a surround system. We had a minimum request of 32 inches, but we ended up with a 51 inch Samsung monster with a Sony 600W surround system. That will be excellent to view sports and movies on.

We found many good bargains at Imperial Palace, just opposite of the St Nino church. Nice store, helpful and skillful employees(thanks Julius!) and you could pay with credit card without any extra charge - you got the same deal as cash. Usually you get a better deal paying cash, but they didn't differ, which I liked.

We also purchased a large stove with 6 burners in Ayala, and a large combined side-by-side fridge/freezer at Asia Home Appliance next to Imperial.

If you're looking for a big screen TV, there are plenty of good bargains out there now.


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