Weekend trip to Cebu with or without kids

We need to go to Cebu city tomorrow for several things. My visa extension at BI, birth certificate, shopping some gluten free items, as well as some hard to find items which includes several stores, like Ramsons mini mart. 

Bringing a kid(we'll bring Kenny, the 14 months old) makes you think completely different. If traveling alone, I would just jump on the motorbike and stay at Paul and Elsa, our good friends. Now, going all of us, we need the stroller. Motorbike is out of the question. We have taken the V-hire before, but it's not so comfortable and sometimes you have to wait for it to fill up. From the Citilink terminal we would have to take a taxi further on.

I don't have a car yet, and although I do have a driver's license and we could rent a car here, I am not familiar driving a car in Cebu City, and don't want to be liable for any damage to the car. Therefore, I decided to make things easy and have my good friend and driver Edwin to pick us up. He charges 2000 for doing so, but then he will drop Eva and Kenny off at the City Hall, then me to the BI. Besides, we'll have a good chat and catch up at the latest news, we haven't met in a while.

Choosing a hotel is also different with kids. None of us are picky and usually we stay in hotels around 1000 peso. With a child, you might want to look for a hotel with a swimming and kiddie pool. There are a few in Cebu City, some expensive like Marriott or Waterfront. Holiday Spa Hotel has the best price of 1500 peso, but they don't have a kiddie pool. We chose Montebello in Banilad, behind Gaisano Country Mall. 2500 for a standard room with air con, hot water, minibar and a nice swimming and kiddie pool. Breakfast is also included. It's within walking distance of Country Mall and Jollibee. Review will follow.

Eating out is also something that requires extra attention. Restaurants with "adult" or spicy food we usually like, will most likely be replaced by child-friendly restaurants like Jollibee etc. That might save you some money.

Going to the movies with a one year old, you can forget about. I guess I will play around in the pool with Kenny as Eva watch a new Filipino movie at Gaisano. Nightlife starts eaerlier and ends when he's sleeping. We will meet a few people at Joker's Arms Saturday around 6PM, and when Liverpool play away against Everton Saturday 7:45 PM, he will probably be sleeping in a taxi with Eva to the hotel. I will watch the game with Edwin and a few friends, and after that I'll not head out on town but take a taxi to the hotel myself. That will save me some money!

As we start bringing Kenny to the family friendly places, I will start writing reviews as well.

Have a great Thursday, I'm heading out in the sun! Looking forward to the weekend trip!



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