Ned showing his fishing gear to the locals

My good American friend Ned is an eager fisherman, and when his family brought their stuff from the US to Toledo, of course the fishing gear was one of the most prized items. Ned has already ordered a fishing boat, about 27 feet, and I am excited to go fishing with him later on. I am also fond of fishing, but I am more the type of guy more concerned about bringing cold beer and some snacks, rather than the proper fishing gear. Hence, I need a professional guy by my side to catch some big fish.

Ned should be the perfect partner, and Sunday when his family were visiting us at the beach, he brought some of his stuff. The locals were very curious; themselves cannot afford this expensive fishing gear. Or they have never even seen anything like it. He explained how the different gear worked out.

Ned laughs at the people claiming there are no big fish in these waters. He promised to take me out one day, and looked forward to hook some big ones - taniguige, sail fish or tuna. He has caught some big tuna before. Of course, story will follow later on.



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