Back from the trip and I think..

there will be a while until I start planning a similar. Although we had a nice trip, I have to realize I am not 20 years young anymore, and riding a motorbike in the sun really makes you tired. Riding a motorbike when you're tired is not a good idea.

Besides, I missed staying away from the family. I will continue to do some traveling, but not too far away, and I doubt I will be touring the Philippines by motorbike. Next trip to Boracay will be on a plane :-)

Next trip will be with the family to Cebu, next weekend. I need to extend my visa, and we'll find a nice hotel with a swimming pool. Maybe we will try Montebello, they have a swimming pool and a kiddie pool, but is more expensive. Not too far from now I will rent a van with a driver and bring the entire family to Simala Church and Kawasan, or perhaps another fall nearby, I forgot the name. We're leaving for Thailand during Xmas, we got very cheap tickets from Cebu Pacific, only 11000 peso for the three of us(Eva, me and Kenny). We'll celebrate Xmas with my father, auntie and uncle, looking forward to it. We were able to rent a condo in the same building where my father rents.

Life in Toledo is pretty much the same, but the city is changed since I came here first time. The hotel is painted, and might be ready for Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, I am happy not to have heard and Christmas songs yet in the malls. It probably won't be too long now. When it starts, I will smile and say "merry Christmas" to every staff I see, especially the supervisors and manager.

Eva's father caught a strange looking fish the other day. I think it's called Obod, not sure if I spelled it right.

Looked like an eel, but it's not. There are several of those slim fish in the waters.

Herbs are continuing to grow, and  I separated the basil into smaller pots last week. Two more weeks and I think they are ready to be harvested. Will be a nice contribution to my pasta sauce.

About three hours to Liverpool-Brighton, not too happy with the last results but I keep the faith.



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