Busy days..!

Sorry for not updating much lately. I am very busy helping out with the restaurant, which is supposed to have a soft opening this coming Saturday. Everything will not be in order, but there will be food, drinks, music and the CR is flushing properly!

I've been up very early the last days, usually around 5AM when Kenny decides to wake up. No choice but getting up, mixing a cup of coffee and stepping outside watching the herbs, the waves and the neighborhood coming to life. Later we have some breakfast, and I take Kenny to swim in the ocean. Weather has been pretty good the last couple of months, and I hope it continues. Most of the rain come in the evening or night, which suits me just fine.

After the swim I shower off the salt water, and head to the restaurant to help out. Will post some pictures tomorrow or Friday.

Today I went to the Park Place hotel in Tajao about 15 minutes drive from Toledo, heading south. Wednesdays me and a Norwegian friend go swimming for an hour, it's great exercize and only 60 peso. Then back to Toledo, a quick lunch at Caesar's. Would like to stay longer, but had a meeting with Jahn Aamodt today, who is in San Carlos working on his house building charity project. More about that hopefully tomorrow.

Arriving at home around 4:30PM, I meet Eva and her friends who are going to play a volleyball game against some girls from the other barangay. I'm impressed by the attendance, there must be at least 200 people or so watching. I think I only played for a bigger crowd a couple of times in my football career. The other girls were much stronger but they all had fun.

Sometimes I wonder if I make too much of my spare time. I could sit around doing nothing, but where's the fun in that? We're also planning to start up some football practice for kids pretty soon. I need a secretary..!



Reader Comments:

Dan commented:
Nov 10, 11 -3:00 AM
Grand Opening

Let us know when you are having your opening & we will try to make it!!

lars commented:
Nov 10, 11 -11:37 AM

Hi Dandc3, Hilltop Restaurant is opening this Saturday Nov 12 at noon. Soft opening, so don't expect everything to be perfec..! :-)

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