Let the thieves get away..

Sad to read the article about what happened Saturday:


British National, Joe Ryan, 29, was shot after he chased three thieves who grabbed his laptop inside a bar along Gorordo Avenue at around 4:30 a.m.  

Witnesses said Ryan was using his laptop inside the bar with his friend, another foreign national, Omar Sadik, when two unidentified men entered the bar and suddenly grabbed his laptop and immediately fled. Ryan ran after the two assailants who boarded a motorcycle.

However, while chasing the three thieves, one of the assailants reportedly shot him twice, hitting him on his shoulder and stomach.  Undeterred, Ryan stood up and tried to reach for his laptop when the motorcycle used by the three assailants bumped him.


I am not writing this to blame the victim, just as a warning to everyone. It's very easy for me to say "let them run", but it's a rational response when someone grabs something from you, to try to get it back. I heard of a similar story a couple of years ago, two guys on a motorbike grabbed an American's camera, he ran after them and was shot.

The truth is, if they didn't run after them, they would not have been shot.

First of all, bringing a laptop to a bar 4:30 AM is not a good idea. In fact, bringing it to a bar at all is something you should avoid. Leave your valuables at home, also your credit cards, passport etc. Only bring the cash you're going to spend that night.

Secondly, have in mind that thieves usually never operates on their own. A thief that gets caught in a robbery might spend years in jail, and they will be quite desperate to avoid it.

Try to stay calm if it happens, and let them run. Report the theft and if you have insurance, they will cover it.


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