Update on Juniel and his mama..


(The pictured is blurred on purpose)

We had visitors from Juniel, her mama, and aunt and two siblings the other day. Her uncle came later when he was finished working, riding his potpot(trisikad). The oldest brother was not there, he is the only one they can afford sending to school.

That's six persons to live on a salary of her uncle. Sometimes he makes 120 peso a day, but usually only 80. Her auntie that makes 300 peso a week doing laundry for other people. That's all they got. They purchased about 1,5 kilo rice every day.

The trip tp Bacolod is set to Nov 22-24. Herry is going with them to the doctor for scanning while I'm going to renew my visa. During the meeting we talked about house and lot. Juniel's young mama has been to the barangay office today and the mayor is positive about helping her find a lot for Jahn's house. Jahn has written a declaration that he has promised the girl a small house.
Let's cross our fingers and pray for the small family. Thankfully, Lars has received e-mails from two generous guys, both saying they want to assist economically for the kid. We will keep them and the readers of Ycebu posted once the scanning is done in Bacolod.


Reader Comments:

Marty commented:
Nov 10, 11 -3:12 AM

Thanks for the update and thank you Lolo Puti for caring for this family and making a difference in their lives.  The world could use a lot more people like you.  And thanks to Lars for this great website and for his compassion for others.  There are a lot of good people here and it's obvisous that together we can make a difference in other people's lives.  Let's all step up and contribute a little something that will make such a tremendous impact.  Imagine if the situation was reversed and you or I were in the position of this family.  Wouldn't you want someone to help you?

Lolo Puti has done so much for so many people in the past and present... isn't it time that WE do a little something for someone too?  It doesn't have to be a lot. 

Life is short enough for the ones of us that are in good health.  I can only guess how scared this young mama must be for the future of her child.....  Please give what you can. I know that I certainly will.  Thank you.

matt2 commented:
Sep 23, 12 -6:08 PM
matt2 commented:
Sep 23, 12 -6:09 PM
Matt commented:
Aug 23, 13 -7:30 AM


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