Living Here In Cebu Intro

Living in Cebu is of course different from being a tourist. A lot of things need to be sorted out. It's not like moving from Connecticut to Jersey or from Oslo to Trondheim.

  • You probably won't stay in a hotel, and need a place to stay.
  • You need to sort out your visa
  • You might need a driver's license
  • If you get a driver's license you might need a vehicle
  • Maybe you want to open a business?
  • How to make cheap phone calls?
  • You might want to get married, or divorced
  • You might need a lawyer
  • Health insurance
  • The list goes on and on and on.

I've stayed here for 1 1/2 years and even if I do know a lot, I'm still not an expert. That's why I've consulted good people that know more about certain things than I, such as

Paul Whiteway in Expatservices(his job IS to assist people moving here)

Tim Potter when it comes to technology.

Tony Jarman is out every night and the most social guy in Cebu

Edwin Bojos is a local and can teach you how to deal with them.

Read the articles - more to come later. Also read the blogs and your knowledge will increase.  

If you are missing some articles and feel that you're the one to write it - please contact me. We're always looking for more experts.

Have in mind there are different ways of doing things. You will probably find things you disagree with, so feel free to share your point of view.

Living in Cebu is not an exact science!



Reader Comments:

JC commented:
Apr 9, 11 -2:05 AM
Cebu a Place to Enjoy

Went to Cebu for the first time last year, had a great time.Went to see the sites and also went to Bohol.It seem to me that Cebu was cleaner and more modern city then other places we visited.I will go back next year and stay a lot longer. Maybe look in to the houseing projects that we saw going up last year. I might end up living there full time when I retire. So many places, so little time.......JC

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