The Ranch

Banilad Road Cebu 6000

The Ranch

The restaurant has been open for 6 months, and has become quite popular among expats, although still a little secret for many tourists.

Once you come inside the airconditioned dining room, you notice that the ranch theme is pretty well maintained. Hundreds of pictures from the wild west hang on the wall, as well as other items like longhorns, guns, cowboy hats and other stuff.

Choose to sit inside in a welcome smokefree environment, or bring your cigarettes for one of the outside tables.

James has been here a number of years, and has a pleasant personality. He is more than willing to tell us how he gets his meat, although not all secrets are revieled. He really imports live cattle from Australia, put on a white doctor's coat and follows every step of the slaughtering. That's the way he likes - controlling every bit so he can confirm that his beef is prepared properly. After the slaughtering, he stores/hangs the meat in his own cooler room for a few weeks to make it really tender. He also has a generator incase of blackout.

He recommends Porterhouse, rib-eye, and the pot roast beef he insists us to take a picture of:

They make most desserts themselves; pecan pie, mango cheese cake and apple pie. Prices are moderate. Appetitzers 70-210, most dinners 210-290. If you want the steak, it's about 2 peso per gram. Also on the menu is burgers, ostrich meat, and much more.

SML 50 peso. Imported beers(0,5 liter) 150 peso. No beer on tap yet. Wine selection is OK, and moderately priced around 400 peso and up. There is also a bar where you can get most coctails. You can order for take-out if you like to eat at home.

At first I thought the cowboy was inspired from Las Vegas, but it's actually from Toy Story. Speaking of toys, this place is child friendly, the way James like it. He is from California and runs the restaurant with his wife. Drop by, say "howdy cowboy" and enjoy your steak whether you like it rear or well done - this guy knows how to prepare them!

Steak house
Yes, inside

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