Mae Krua

80 F Ramos Street Cebu 6000


There are several Thai restaurants around Cebu, and I've enjoyed eating at some of them. Usually the food in these places are OK, but as a regular traveler to Thailand(my father lives there), I haven't really found the genuine Thai flavour yet. The food has not been to spicy, the soups lacking of stock, important ingridients are missing.






Until now. Mae Krua. Recognize the "Krua" from the other restaurant chain "Krua Thai" ? No coincidence, the owner is also in charge of these restaurants. I've eaten a Krua Thai before(SM), and been satisified - but I think Mae Krua pushes it a little more towards the genuine thai, with some extra spices and flavours. The menus are also different, and of course the chefs.


I discovered the restaurant by accident. They haven't got a website and you cannot find too much info on the internet. At present, I go to a physioherapist right across the street, and saw the restaurant. The therapist told me the food was good, although a little expensive(for a Filipino). For a western, the prices are rather cheap.  Their menu contains about 110 courses. Salads 85-165, soups 145-185, Rice 80-155, rice toppings 105-145, main courses 135-295. You will find most regular thai dishes here.

Thai cuisine is usually about mixing different flavours in a menu. Sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. I had a nice papaya salad and large bowl of my favorite - Tom Yam Soup. Large prawns in a spicy and sour soup, flavoured by lemon grass, ginger, chili and other spices. None of the ingridients were missing, and they certainly didn't use any powder mix here. The soup tasted like it was done on real fish or shell stock, very rich on taste. For dessert, I had a scoop of coconut ice cream. Usually I am a bit reluctant eating ice cream here, but even my sensible stomach was fine with it. I couldn't eat all of it, and was very pleased - also with the tiny bill.

If you like duck, or want to try, this could be a nice place to try out. They have several choices of duck available and it's not expensive. The supervisor I talked to, Harry - also recommended the "Rambo chicken", which is spicy and sweet.

Price of SML is 55, and if you fancy the Thai imported Singha beer, they sell for 85. Wine is quite limited, but Thai food goes best with beer or non-alcoholic drinks IMO. Like most thai restaurants they also offer juice, shake, ice tea and coffee.

Mae Krua has been open for two years now, and the clientele is a mix of western, Korean and Philippine. Diplomat hotel is almost next door, so I guess they do get a fair amount of tourists and backpackers. It looked quite popular, with couples coming and leaving all the time. There are two stories here. Downstairs to the left bottom and upstairs to the right.


Talking to Harry(you see him in the bar), I ask him about the difference of Thai and Philippine food. He is a Pinoy himself, but says that Thai food is more healthy, using more herbs and spices. He hasn't been to Thailand yet, but hope to be able to make a trip some time.

All prices include VAT and there is no service charge(but do tip anyway). They do functions, catering and take-out. Free wi-fi is offered. They play both thai and western music, at a low noise level.

Enjoy your good thai food at Mae Krua, and say from Lars at Ycebu.


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