Lagtang Grill

Rafael Rabaya Rd, Lagtang Talisay 6045


I drive my bike from Toledo via Naga, and find the place on my first attempt. It's located near the Tabunok hectical market. When I arrive, I seem to remember that road from before. It's the Manipis road, so if I just continue going, I'll be straight on the road to Toledo across the curvy mountain road. I decide that next time I'm going I'll take that road instead.

Lagtang Grill on the left hand side(red signs), Tabunok market in my back and Toledo straight forward. across the mountains.

I've actually never been here before, so I am not sure what to expect. The area is bigger that I thought. Being the hangout for a motorbike club might seem a bit dangerous for those who are not members, but Peace Riders, like the name says, are harmless. Some of the bikes are candy for the eye, like the one below Dennis, the president of the club is driving. He actually built it himself. If you've been around Cebu, you might have seen him. Even if you have a boring "rice cooker" like my Honda XRM, you're welcome to join. This is a biker's club you don't have to look like a biker. Check out their Facebook site

Back to the restaurant! This used to be Roger's Place before but the two owners Mark and Charles took over and changed it to Lagtang Grill. Lagtang is actually the name of the barangay. Beer is dirt cheap, they stock up Jack Daniels, a couple of wine bottles and drinks. Their menu is on the wall, and they seem to focus on burgers, sandwiches, fish&chips, steaks and their north sea cod. Prices are on the low side, so you won't get broke here.

Talking to Mark, he says they are still developing the place. The interiour and exteriour is pretty basic, bamboo style. They have a pool table, darts and more to come. There's one area where the karaoke singers can perform, and they have also plans of getting some live bands. First one at July 4, where they have 150 tickets for sale at a charity event. I think they are about to be sold out, so if you're interested you should hurry up.

Mark tells me they want to be open for anyone. They sell some cheap carenderia food for the local tricycle drivers, as well as expensive(for the locals) steak for the foreigners. Even if Mark and Charles are in charge, the place is somehow ran by their customers. When the customers wanted a pool table, they got one. A concert or darts, there you go.


Pool table and the bar to the left, Bob the customer and Mark the owner to the right. Oh, I forgot to mention they offer free wi-fi for paying guests!


Check out the posters to see what's going on.


Lagtang Grill is actually open 24/7, but they might close a couple of hours if it's completely dead.

Drop by and enjoy your time at Lagtang - say hi from Ycebu!



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