Indian Curry House

57 Almendras Cebu 6000


Sone, the manager, is also in charge of Ramons Mini Mart. He has been here 2-3 years with his wife and enjoys the stay. I did a review of this specialty store with imported Indian groceries last year, and he said he was planning to open a restaurant. Now, man of his word, the restaurant is open. They are really starting to put their Indian flavors on the city of Cebu!





When thinking of Indian restaurants in Europe, they are usually overly decorated with pictures, vases and other Indian decor. This is not the case for the Indian Curry House, but Sone tells me he is waiting for the shipment from India so expect the interiour to change in the near future. It's not a big restaurant, maybe 25 seats inside and 6-8 outside.

However, I couldn't care less for the interiour. This is a place for Indian food. They have a menu with plenty of vegetarian dishes, since lots of the Indians are more or less vegetarians. You will also find chicken, pork or mutton(goat) on the menu. Sone complains about the price of lamb here, so he decided to put goat on the menu instead. Goat may have a strong and special taste, but when he marinates it and give it the proper cooking time, result is excellent. You can just use a spoon, it's very tender. You won't get him to cook any beef as that animal is sacred in India!


I tried the mutton/goat curry, with basmati rice, naan bread and some cauliflower in a spicy sauce. Being experienced to spicy food, I order spicy - and the food is really spicy. Not the one that put you over the edge, sweating and regretting you asked for it, but right on the edge it is. Just the way I like it. The combination of the different spices makes every moutful a fiesta. Being allergic to gluten, I am actually not supposed to eat the naan bread, but I make a rare exception and I don't regret dipping it in the sauce, soaking up every single drop and just about to lick the plate clean. Portions seem a little small, but they are quite mighty and one portion with rice filled up my big belly both times. If you're not full, just be happy you can order another portion as it's so cheap anyway.

If you're a party, just order some different dishes and pick from the different dishes. Try some with meat and some vegetarian.


Cold beer is served, SMB and SML at 30 peso only. Besides from sari-sari stores, that's the cheapest I've seen in Cebu and honestly he could raise them a little more, to make sure he makes enough money to keep this restaurant open. First time I saw a party bringing in a bottle of wine, and I don't think they were charged for corkage fee - but do ask if you intend to do so.

They are open every day, but not before 18:30. Closing time is around 23:00 or maybe an hour later if there are customers. Sone says Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are the most popular days. I've been here two times, one time very crowded with young western people, the other day very quiet. Of course the British discovered it already, being big fans of Indian food. I brought some take away back to Paul Whiteway, who loved it and despite saying he would save some for his wife, the leftovers was barely visable.

Location is a little odd, but should be easy to find anyway. Coming from Salinas Drive towards SM, take left before the cross where you take right to Ayala or left to Sarrosa. Most taxi drivers use this as a shortcut, avoiding the lights, hence you don't wait long for a taxi. A taxi from Ayala should cost 55-60 peso.

Enjoy your food and say hi from Lars@ycebu!


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