Bawo Sogod 6606


Driving from Cebu, just take the north road past Concolacion, Liloan, Compostela, Danao, Carmen, Catmon. This was my first ride, I have never been further up north than Liloan. It is a wonderful ride along the coast, and plenty of resorts to stop by if you want to make a day trip.


Before you enter Sogod, start looking for the Borussia signon your right side(I actually came from north!).

There's a beautiful alley down to their garden and restaurant.

I was warmly greeted by Juergen and his Filipina wife Chuchi. It struck me how beautiful the area was. The restaurant is located inside a wonderful and huge garden. Spacious enough for a big resort, but unfortunately they don't have any rooms to rent.

I am offered breakfast, and enjoy some bratwurst, german meat balls and eggs. They also offered me home made bread, but since I am gluten intolerant I have to decline.

They have a restaurant with both inside and outdoor seating. You can either eat here, or order for take out.

They also have a deli section where you can buy imported German specialties

or some home made marmelade made of local fruits like mango and pineapple, as well as imported apricot.

There is also a ref where you can buy freshly baked pastries.

Having your dinner outdoor, you're overlooking the garden.

Or you could probably have your food under these flowers.

They have been operating the restaurant for 14 years now, and before that they ran a German restaurant and pub for 20 years. That's some experience! They have built up a base of regular and returning clients, even from Toledo where I live. They deliver several meat products like sausages, bread, cake and pastries to Cebu and Mactan twice a week, for a minimal fee. You are welcome to visit their website and order online. Juergen tells me the Borussia name is because he is a big fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach. He also tells me he imports the flour from Germany. Many foreigners are not very fond of the regular bread sold in the Philippines, so using Borussia you should be in for a pleasant experience. Drop by and say hi from Ycebu!

BTW - if you thought the area looked nice, they are also selling some land there. If interested, contact them through their website.


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