Aluguinsan first came to my attention reading an article somewhere, that it had become popular among tourists from Manila. Checking the map, the small city is not too far away. I've been down there once on a round trip, but didn't remember much - probably just passed through.

I had a good English breakfast at Caesars in Toledo first, then picked up my friend Per who lives 5 km south of Toledo, and we headed south.


Going south of Toledo, the road is quite nice most of the places. Once you're out of Toledo, there is not much heavy traffic at all. The road from Aluguinsan to Barili is pretty rough, so the transpor go via Naga and Carcar instead. Along the way, maybe 10 km south of Toledo, there are some nice beach resorts you could check out. Unfortunately the batteries were dead so these are the only pics of that area. We also stopped at a Norwegian compound, right on the beach and nice small houses for rent, 10-12K a month. The beach was quite nice in this area, not much garbage and also not that many rocks as "my" beach north of Toledo.


Along the road, you'll see on both sides a lot of "sea agriculture". Ponds of bangus(milkfish), shrimps and other seafood.


Arriving at Aluguinsan after about 35-40 minutes of driving, we could see that the water was pretty shallow. Picture on the left was taken from the final bridge. You see Negros on the other side. On the right is the town of Aluguinsan, it's actually not much more than you see in the picture! I thought it was a litle bigger, but that's it. Heaven for some, boring for others. I didn't notice any western eateries or bar, but there are some carenderieas and a bakery here if you get hungry. There is a beach resort about 2 km north of the town, but we didn't check that out this time. Might be a nice place to have a lunch.

There is a nice park there, reaching "city center", take right and you'll see the park occupying the hill. It's a nice little walk and you can have some good views. There were also places to sit down, so bringing a picnic basket might be a good idea. Very quiet and peaceful.



At the top, there's some ancient building that looked like some ruins.


It served as a watch tower to warn against slave traders in the 18th century.


Nice view from the hill. If you bring kids, watch them carefully - there are some steep falls and the area was not secured by a fence. Inside the park you'll also find decent Comfort Rooms.

In the park there were small groups of young girls/women, aged 18-22 perhaps, and seeing two foreign guys was obviously not so common. Could be an interesting place for a bachelor to meet new friends!

There are white beaches around, and some beach lots were sold for 150 peso pr sqm until recently. The price has reportedly gone up now, so not much bargains to be found.

A pleasant trip it was, will check out some of the resorts later on.



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